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Brendan comment on E! Rank

Thanks to Melissa for this :)

Just wanted to let you know there is a snippet of Brendan talking about how hot he thinks Reese Witherspoon is on E!’s Rank of the hottest blondes in Hollywood. Reese is “ranked” the number 1 blonde and Brendan just comments on her (i think i read in some interview that he had a crush or something on her).

Thanks to Stacey for this :)

I was watching Rank: The 25 Hottest Blondes on E! last night (6/10) and Brendan was on there giving his opinion about Reese Witherspoon. Rank usually repeats a lot so you can probably catch it sometime.

Thanks to lizparker12 for this :)

I was watching Brooke Burke rank the hottest blondes in entertainment. They ranked Reese Witherspoon number 1, and they asked Brendan what he thought of Reese. I don’t exactly remember what he said because I was shocked to see him on there. If you want to see him watch RANK on E!.