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Dark Horizons: Is Nick The Next Ferris Bueller?

Thanks to Robyn for this. She’s also the writer of ‘Crash Into Me’ which, if you haven’t bought yet, go out and get it! Some of the information from articles I wrote for Zap2it/UltimateTV is in the book.

From Dark Horizons:

Ferris Bueller’s Other Day Off: After much rumour, gossip and hyperbole – ‘On the Water’ sets the record straight about the comedy sequel: “A week or ago you said something about the Ferris Bueller sequel doing a scene at the stadium. This is true…but it wasn’t a scene. It was a call for extras – and the meeting space just happened to be the stadium. Now the deal with ‘Ferris’ Other Day Off’ is that the studio were looking at doing one direct to video (I believe this is because John Hughes refused to get involved). Unfortunately it’s not Matthew Broderick in the role either, but an actor named Nick Wechsler (from “Roswell”). I haven’t heard much about it in a while, so it may have fallen through (I know a director hadn’t be found) – and that the studio were waiting to see how some of their other direct to video sequels do this year”.