Roswell re-airs daily!

Thanks to RoswellMouse for this:

Following Dreamer 4 Ever’s wonderful news that Sci Fi was airing at 4PM June 28, 29, and 30, starting with the Pilot, I called the person in charge of scheduling to find out how long that would last.

Her answer was that for a few months at least. And then she told me that as long as we’re watching, they will continue to air it at 4PM. So keep watching everyone. Your dedication and persistance paid off.

Roswellians Rock!!

Jodi Moore

In addition, I think its of note thatBoth TIVO and Replay polled users boxes for viewing habits in a sort of unofficial ‘Nielsen’ type rating system.
I don’t know if that is still done or not, but if you use either system, it might be of use to record the shows for additional support numbers. I will be…