Brendan FehrLeading

Childstar opening Jan 28th ***Contest***

OK, grab your friends, family, co-workers…. and go see this great film!

Brendan wants to do a contest with a very cool/unique prize to the person that gets the most people out to see his film (so be sure to save your movie stubs).

The prize and other details of the contest will be announced shortly.

To give people some incentive to get more stubs, the prize will be based on the number of movie stubs the winner sends… for example, if the winning amount is 5 or less, it’s this prize. if the winning amount is 10 or higher, it’s this prize, 15 and higher this prize, and so on… and if the winner sends even more… they would get to choose.

If you have anyquestions about this film, please ask them on the messageboard…