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December 12, 2006

Well that’s that. My truck has bit it. I’ve hit the last curb I can hit. This site should have an obits column for this but well… it doesn’t. I cracked the frame on the truck and it’s fixable but not worth it unfortunately. It will be going to the graveyard I suppose but first wanted to run this by anyone who would be wanting to purchase it. It could of course be fixed but would run ya about 3000. Other than that, the bumper is dented from a rear-ender. Hell, it’s a truck, what didya expect?! I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it but figure put it up for bid if any of you want a crazy souvenir. And it still drives, new trannie, like I said so if you have an inkling and some extra cash it could be yours I suppose. Any inquiries, direct them to Lisa. Could be the dumbest email I’ve written but it’s been done before and I almost bid on the Camaro Hetfield put up for auction so… well… that was probably in mint condition but HEY, it’s a TRUCK people!!! Happy Holidays.