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Brendan on “The Fifth Patient”

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He talks about the movie “The Fifth Patient”. The film premiered at CineVegas some days ago.

Posted by Brendan

June 14, 2007

Back from Vegas and didn’t lose a cent. Instead I gained legions and legions of fans from all over the globe as a result of my new monster hit, “The Fifth Patient”! Alright, maybe not but it’s a pretty good flick. I rarely like a film the first time I view it because I don’t exactly watch it as intended. I’m constantly looking for things to critique, etc. esp. in my own performances instead of simply engrossing yourself in it (if the film allows obviously). 2 things stood out, number 1 that it looks and feels like it should and that was something that attracted me to the script and second, that I enjoyed it despite knowing the twists and turns. If you were to look at my resume I suppose you could argue the standards are not exactly disappearing into the bright blue sky but this turned out to be my favorite film perhaps. I’ve had more fun on others while filming, I’ve had to get more uncomfortable with other roles, (which is a good thing though this definately had it’s challenges for me) and I’ve had movies that were “bigger” but in terms of the final outcome paired with my expectations I’d have to say only Childstar would be a contender and being two entirely different movies The Fifth Patient stands out for me. I would have made some minor tweaks to a few of my choices but overall was quite pleased with myself and the arc I created (the writer had something to do with it as well but really who cares right?) and subsequently pulled off within the mark of my intention so… there you go… I’m probably the best at this.

In all seriousness though, I was really please, it exceeded my expectations and all the performances from the cast, Nick, Edi, Isaac, Peter, Henry, and Marley were all very good. There wasn’t a weak performance in it really and if there was I’d say. You know that. I just couldn’t name names on either side really but just say “well… most everyone is good but there’s a few sketchy performances” but there wasn’t and that’s so great to see. It’s a film I’d recommend based on the merits of the film alone, not on the fact that I’m in it and kick some ass! It’s definately an enjoyable ride and no refunds would be necessary. Thanks and hope to hear your views on it when you are privilaged enough to be granted the privilage of seeing it.