“The Great Buck Howard” clip with Colin Hanks

USA Today has found 10 movies that stand out at this years Sundance Film Festival in Utah. Among these selected films: “The Great Buck Howard”.

Read what they say about the film with Colin Hanks and John Malkovich:

The Great Buck Howard Whom it’s for: Showbiz fans, psychics with blind spots.

The story: A law-school dropout (Colin Hanks) gets a job in Hollywood as personal assistant to a semi-well-known psychic entertainer (John Malkovich) who insists he’s not a magician — he’s a mentalist! Mounting a comeback is easier said than done as the arrogant has-been clashes with his new hire. “He’s kind of a strange man. He really lives for his public, I suppose,” Malkovich says. “He’s quite crabby at times. Quite fake, often — but also sort of funny, in a very childish, sort of narcissistic way.”

Of note: Colin’s father, Tom, in a cameo as the young man’s cranky dad.

Besides other film descriptions you can watch a scene with Colin and John on