“10 Songs Perfect for the New Moon Soundtrack” has an article up which lists ten songs they think would fit well with the storyline of “New Moon” by Stephenie Meyer.

Dido’s “Here With Me” – the Roswell theme song – is on top of the list:

[…] With the sequel to Twilight about to swing into production on March 23 in Vancouver, here is a list of 10 songs we think would fit well with the storyline of New Moon:

Dido: “Here with Me”
It is an eternal love song that captures the meaning of wanting to be with someone regardless of the distance. For New Moon characters Edward and Bella, played by Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, their story takes on the meaning of “Here with Me” and proves that true love can conquer all.

You can find the full list here: 10 Songs Perfect for the New Moon Soundtrack

“Twilight” was often compared to the Roswell series since its similar story and a relationship that is complicated by other-worldly circumstances.

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