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William mentioning in Reuters article about “Exit the King” and Geoffrey Rush

On March 27, 2009 the article “Geoffrey Rush dazzles in Broadway debut” has been published on reuters.com.

The text is about the Oscar winning actor Geoffrey Rush and the Broadway play “Exit the King”, in which William Sadler appears, too.

The author mentions William twice:

[…] Also on hand is an armor-suited guard (Brian Hutchison); a quack doctor (William Sadler), who advises the king not to eat beef stew because it would be bad for his health; and a wacky, overstressed maid (Andrea Martin). […]

[…] Ambrose does little more than look beautiful and weepy, but she does it quite well enough. And it’s fun to see Sadler, who has played so many memorable bad guys onscreen, displaying his comic chops as the white-faced doctor.

Mainstream audiences might find themselves baffled by the strange goings-on in “King,” but nobody will fail to recognize that they’re seeing a great actor deliver a never-to-forget performance.

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