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EW.com spoilers about 4th season of “Dexter”

Julie Benz plays Rita on Showtimes show “Dexter”. EW.com has an exclusive spoiler article about the fourth season of “Dexter” online:

[…] When the Showtime hit returns next fall, six months will have lapsed on screen, leaving newlyweds Dexter (Michael C. Hall) and Rita (Julie Benz) the proud parents of a baby boy. “This season, we’re going to deal with: Can a serial killer juggle a personal life, work, and his ‘dark passenger’?” reveals executive producer Sara Colleton. “In other words, can Dexter have it all?” […]

You can find the text “Exclusive: Bloody good ‘Dexter’ spoilers!” by following this link.

Check out the official show website: www.sho.com/site/dexter/home.do