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“Company Man” to air as television movie?

In the FOX pilot “Company Man” from 2007, that has not ordered to series, Jason Behr played the lead role Paul Fisher, a family man that is unwittingly caught up in the world of espionage after the NSA enlists him as a spy at the defense contracting company that employs him.

The show was originally conceived with an older lead Stephen Moyer, who is best known as vampire Bill Compton from the HBO show “True Blood”. In addition he starred in 1997 as Prince Valiant in the knight movie in which Katherine Heigl played Princess Ilene.

Now, it seems like the pilot with Jason Behr will air as television movie next year. On IMDB “Company Man” is listed with a 2010 release date for the USA.

This piece of news is not confirmed.. just a guessing.

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