5 thoughts on “2nd Roswell Twitter Challenge – Promo Ads *Update*

  • I have been emailing the admin of the Roswell TV Series page to post the twitter challenge link and your graphics, but she has not been responsive. I will keep trying to reach her and keep my fingers crossed that she will post by midnight.

  • Thanks so much for making more graphics!

  • Sorry, but I’m still working on that… and I’m a little confused.. I saved the Roswell graphics in a lower quality and Facebook still keeps saying "The photo was either too tall or too skinny."

    Now, I tried another file format but it’s still not working.

  • Sure! I’m going to add resized versions later today.

  • Hey, can you possibly resize the graphics so that we can put them as our FB profile pictures as well? I tried to put one, but FB says the picture is to tall.

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