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Emilie supports the Catalyst Foundation

Emilie de Ravin supports the Catalyst Foundation.

The foundation’s mission is to improve the lives of at-risk populations in Vietnam through child trafficking prevention and community capacity building.

Emilie took a picture holding a sign that says, “I am a catalyst to end human trafficking” in order to support the “Project Backpack”.

From catalystfoundation.org:

The “Project Backpack” $240 annual donation covers the costs of a student’s tuition, uniforms & shoes, school supplies, textbooks and 10kg of rice per month for the student’s family. Every year we have 200 students waiting for sponsorship.

Simon Le Bon, Amanda Seyfried, Kate Moehning, Wes Bentley as well as Daniel Sunjata are supporting the project among others, as well. Join them and take a picture.

You can learn more by visiting: catalystfoundation.org/take-a-stand

Thank you Anya!

© Photo courtesy of catalystfoundation.org