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TNT Pilot “Tin Star” – William Sadler

William Sadler just started working on a TNT pilot called “Tin Star”. He wrote on Twitter “Why does the car always come so early? Next stop, Santa Fe, NM to shoot a TNT pilot called “Tin Star”. Never done a western. Film at eleven.”

MsCarolyn, da other boss, from the official Bill Board shared a clip from Bill’s latest E-Mail with his fans:

“I just finished two weeks of filming on the indie film “Frank the Bastard”. I had fun playing a powerful, ne’er-do-well named Cyrus Gast in that one. Sort of a bearded junkyard dog. Then on Sunday next, I fly to Santa Fe, NM to start filming a pilot for TNT called, “Tin Star”. It’s a western. Yeeeeeeeeha! I play the sheriff of the town. A rootin’, tootin’, six-gun totin’ western sheriff. Should be a blast.

“Beyond that, I’m trying to keep up with the yard work between films, and enjoying the beautiful fall colors.”

“Tin Star” is also known under the working title “Gateway”. Cam Gigandet, who is best known for his role of James in “Twilight” plays the lead role in the western drama pilot.

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