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“Americana” Twitition

ABC’s “Americana” looked promising for a pickup, but unfortunately the pilot was not ordered to series.

As earlier reported, the pilot is about a famous fashion industry family and was shoot in New York City in March. Anthony LaPaglia plays designer Robert Soulter and Emilie de Ravin is his daughter Francesca. Ashley Greene, Tiffany Hines and Christine Adams are also starring.

Since the show did not make it on the ABC Network fall schedule, the french Emilie de Ravin fansite Emily.de.ravin and Ashley Greene Central started a petition.

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Emilie de Ravin France and Ashley Greene Central started a petition for the unfair decision of ABC not picking the “Americana” after all the positive words we get that it was a sure thing. So, lets show to ABC that We Want Americana!!!

Sign the twitition HERE

Thanks Emily.de.ravin.free.fr!

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