Roswell Tribute Mix

Music has always been an important part of Roswell. It just takes four chords of “Here With Me” to think about Roswell.

There are many songs that match so perfectly to the show or even to specific scenes. Old songs. New songs. Songs that just remind you about this amazing show in an instant. Which songs should make it on a “Roswell Tribute” playlist?

When Katy Perry’s single E.T. was released some creative Roswell fans created Roswell related music videos with this electronic ballad at once. Please tell us, which other song(s) should make it on this new fan-made “Roswell Tribute” playlist. Write an e-mail, post a comment or fill out the form below or tweet us your #RoswellTributeMix suggestions @crashdowncom or write a comment on Facebook.

Please just suggest songs that never played on “Roswell”.* Songs that never played on “Roswell” are preferred, but feel free to add your favorites from the show, as well. Of course, you can add more than just one song. You also have the chance to add a little story about the song – why you picked it – as well. Don’t forget to tell us your Name, Nickname or @ Twitter name, that we can give you proper credit.

With the release of the song list we will provide a cover artwork as well.

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