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“Save yourself” Video Clip with Shiri

The Roswell Soundtrack includes the song “Save Yourself” by Sense Field. According to the bands official website Sensefield.com Shiri Appleby can be seen in the official music video for the song. The video was already shoot in Toronto.

Please visit Sensefield.com to see some first behind the scenes pictures. Sadly, there are no Shiri pictures available at the moment.

“Save Yourself” is from the album “Tonight and Forever”.

The tracklist: 1. Fun Never Ends / 2. Save Yourself / 3. Here Right Here / 4. No Longer Now / 5. Beatles Song / 6. Weight of the World / 7. Waiting for Something / 8. Emergency Exit / 9. Are You Okay / 10. What Never Dies / 11. Am I A Fool / 12. Love Song