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#LCH & #xmasinjuly

Shiri Appleby is currently working on a new project.

Actress Hannah Marks revealed on June 13th via Twitter that she is “Happy to be sharing a character with @ShiriAppleby starting tomorrow we are back in 1996”. Eight hours later, she posted the first behind-the-scenes photo. It shows Shiri and her younger screen-self Hannah in the bedroom presenting their hilarious outfits.

Some further Instagram photos prove that among the cast are as well former “Lost” actress Elizabeth Mitchell and actor Will Kemp.

Check out the photos from the set:

Shiri Appleby and Hannah Marks
The women of #LCH
Shiri Appleby, Elizabeth Mitchell and Will Kemp

At the moment, we cannot provide any further information about the project. It definitely includes some Christmas scenes. We are very excited to find out more.

In the meantime, make sure to follow Will Kemp, Hannah Marks and Shiri Appleby on Twitter.

//EDIT: The project is entitled “Last Chance Holiday”.