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Last week, we spoke with Tessitura about her fan-fiction Roswell Season 4. The fourth episode “aired” on August 14, 2013 and many will follow. “I don’t have a solid number of episodes that I will ultimately release, but I like to think that I plan to write as many as it takes to cover the entire outline. And then I end each episode where I feel would make a good conclusion.”, she told

This fan-fiction is meant to satisfy the fans. It stays true to old characters and introduces some new, adds likely twists, visual aids, music and carefully planned references to the original story.

“The general synopsis surrounds the idea that it’s 15 years after the events of Roswell Season 3, so all the characters we knew are mature adults who have settled into their comfortable lives, trying to carry on as normal as possible. But this season draws much of its drama from the End of the World episode. In short, because Max and Tess ultimately did NOT end up together, what are the consequences? […]”

“You can expect action, drama, amazing twists and MANY reoccurring themes from the original series. Be ready to have your heart broken, be outraged, confused, relieved, curious, and all lol. If I have to say so myself, the twists are ridiculously satisfying. I guarantee you will enjoy it.”

Please find an excerpt of the first episode “Visitor” below and make sure to visit

Season 4, Episode 1 Excerpt: Visitor


1. I actually encourage you to read my writings in the DARK and while wearing HEADPHONES.

2. BEFORE reading, scroll through the entire episode. If you see YouTube VIDEOS, be sure to load all videos in the order that they appear so that they are pending and ready to view when you get to them in the episode. The numbers proceeding “Enter Song” states how long to leave it playing.

3. I encourage you to message me ideas, feedback, suggestions or media (photos, videos, music, etc.) that you’d like to be taken under consideration. I try to make this as close to an actual Season 4 of Roswell (had it actually happened) as possible and I want the fans to be completely satisfied.

4. “~ ~” signifies what would normally be a “commercial break” and “—” signifies a skip from one location (aka “scene”) or situation to another.

5. Episodes will obviously be a lot shorter than what they would be on television. It would be like writing a novel every two weeks if I wrote enough for a 45 minute show. And I don’t think anyone wants that.

6. The title “PREVIOUSLY” before every episode (besides the first episode obviously) is a way to catch up on the previous key points of the previous episode if you missed one. But I encourage you read all episodes because they are very time consuming on my behalf.

7. The Roswell icon on the bottom left corner of the page will link you to the official Roswell Season 4 (Fan Fiction) Tumblr page.



[Enter song; 0:00-1:50:]

A pair of drenched Vans are beating on the wet pavement of the suburban sidewalk. The smell of wet sand and summer’s warm bite is in the air. There’s panting and a hint of urgency in a boy’s breath. He’s sweating and dying for a chance to grasp breath before he faints to his watery halt. He’s clutching a skateboard in one hand and pumping his other fist back and forth as if it would have him pick up speed through the starry night’s twilight. With a backpack swung along his shoulder, he’s not running in fear but he’s anxious. Anxious to discover what may possibly be the most important discovery in 14 years. The hat on his head falls to the puddle behind him and he does nothing more than glance behind him, still at full speed, the wind beating at his chest and throat. The boy proceeds to sprint in a muted sequence across a small town down the empty street. It looks late, at least 9 PM. You’re now able to see his face. He has glowing fair skin, dark thick chocolate hair on his head and blue piercing eyes. He passes The Crash Down Cafe, closed down for the night and many other small mom and pop shops.
He finds himself in a small and quiet, peaceful neighborhood [theme fade out]. He stops at the steps of a small, mediocre home. Panting, he looks at the door; the windows are black and without a hint of a waken soul. He stares for a bit longer at the serene door before slowly taking a step up onto the step. He slowly walks in the silence, save the evening sound of crickets, until he reaches the front doorstep. He swallows; calming his breath, then raises his hand. He almost cowards his hand before forcing himself to give three firm knocks on the door. He waits in silence, and after a moment or two passed, he looked around himself. With his luck, he began to wonder if anyone was home, or if his information was correct. At the moment of that thought, the lights inside the home turn on. He swallows again and steps back from the door. The hinges of the door squeak gently as it swings open. In a robe stands a woman known as Elizabeth Evans. She parted her lips in slight confusion as she secures the robe around her.  Seeing the boy on her doorstep at this time a night, she starts.

“…Can I help you?” she asks with a slight raspy voice. The boy pants a little bit more before responding.
“Is a Maxwell Evans here?”

“Max?” She turns behind her to look at the clock on the wall behind her. It’s nearly 3 am. “Why don’t you come back at a decent time?” She proceeds to close the door until the boy places his hand on the door, preventing it from closing.
“Decent time? How’s star-date 1100-5-20? That’s the time space travelers use right?”
There’s a pause and a hand from behind the door opens it wider to show Max standing behind it next to her. He stares at the boy as he has obviously heard the small conversation and the boy doesn’t move, but stares back casually. Liz looks up at Max confused.
“Max? Do you know who this is?”
“…He’s my son”.
[Intro: ]  
The boy is sitting at a wooden dining room table eating what appears to be a bowl of cereal. He isn’t paying much attention to Liz who is standing beside Max near the kitchen counter in the adjacent room. Max, wearing a black t-shirt and gray sweat pants, seems to be speaking low with her as if not to disturb the boy. Liz starts.
“Max, how can you be so sure, you haven’t seen him in over 10 years…?”
“I don’t know…it’s like…I knew when I saw him. Like he was speaking to me, just with his eyes.”
“Well you thought that once before…” she nods.
“This time’s different”
Liz looks to the boy who is still busy eating and turns back to Max.
“Why didn’t I see this coming?”

“I don’t know… I’m going to go talk to him.”

“I’ll come with you.”
“Liz… I don’t think… I think you should wait upstairs”

“Max. What if he’s like an alien hunter or something disguised as a kid? Remember the Skins? And if he is your son, that technically makes me his stepmother, right? We’re in this together”
Max’s eyes shift to the kid who seems to be checking his cell phone. “Alright”.
They both make their way to the dining room where Max slowly takes a seat across from the boy and Liz stands behind him quietly. Max begins.
The boy looks up briefly. He responds almost sarcastically. “Hey…”

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***DISCLAIMER: The preceding literature is a work of FAN FICTION and is in no way affiliated with the images, actors, producers, writers or studios of any similar names or titles. I am not profiting in any fashion from this work and is rather an appreciation of the original story/series.

Please visit and read the full episode. A free download of each episode is available in PDF format, as well. On the Tumblr page for this fan-fiction work, you can find four episodes so far. Make sure to read them and don’t forget to leave Feedback.

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