“Star-Crossed” Series Finale Tonight

Unfortunately, The CW decided to cancel the sci-fi drama “Star-Crossed”. The series finale will air tonight, Monday May 12th at 8/7c PM.

After the news broke that the series would not return for a second season, William Shatner (Star Trek) tweeted “I want all my friends to watch #StarCrossed next Monday on the CW and to live tweet. Prove to the networks that SciFi is relevant on TV.”

Roswellians, please show your support and watch and live tweet along with cast, crew and fans.

If you haven’t seen an episode of the romantic alien drama yet, all episodes are available via Amazon Instant Video or iTunes. The latest episodes are available via the official website or Hulu, as well.

“It’s a wonderful show embracing a relationship between humans and alien beings.” “Star-Crossed” fan Michele explains to Crashdown.com. She continues “Not only that, but the shows fans and actors are huge into helping with charities and are raising money for cancer research. You can find them through Facebook on Stargazers- fans of star crossed.”

Since, there are so much more stories to tell and new fans are still discovering the show, fans try to convince The CW to renew the show for another season. Please add the hashtag #SaveStarCrossed to your tweets and sign the petition here.

Celebrate the series finale and the amazing cast and crew tonight at 8/7c PM.

Let’s help our “Star-Crossed” friends:

1. Watch & live tweet “Star-Crossed” tonight at 8/7c PM on The CW.

2. Sign the petition

3. Please visit https://www.facebook.com/stargazersfansofstarcrossed and find out more about renewal & charity campaigns