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Teflon Babe! – About A Boy/Roswell Connection

Did you notice the little “Roswell” connection in the latest “About A Boy” episode? In the episode “About an Angry Ex” of the NBC show from Jason Katims the lead character Will, played by Majandra Delfino’s husband David Walton, said a phrase that made Roswell fans listen up.

He said: “My problems always go away. I’m Teflon! Nothing sticks!”

In the Roswell episode “The Balance” Maria DeLuca said something similar. Do you remember?

Maria: I don’t think so. And besides, I’ve come to the conclusion that it can never happen. I mean, human-alien relationships are bound to be disasters. Just don’t think that you can enter into something with Max and expect not to get hurt in the end of it. I mean, me? I’m teflon, babe. Michael starts acting like a total loser…I just walk away. But you and Max, ah. You guys have got that whole…look-into-my-eyes soul mate thing.