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Adam Rodriguez Zimbio Q&A – Transcript June 26th, 2015

Zimbio hosted a Twitter Live Q&A with Adam Rodriguez.

His latest project “Magic Mike XXL” is going to hit theaters on July 1st, 2015 and Adam answered many fan questions about the movie and his character Tito as well as some other buring Q’s.

He also tells the fans which Roswell episode is his favorite.

Please read the Q&A below and watch the official “Magic Mike XXL” trailer if you haven’t done so already.

Q. @conorparkes1: @_Adam_Rodriguez @zimbio was it difficult getting in shape for the movie? What type of workouts best help you? ! 😁
A1. Anything that requires discipline is difficult, but success is always worth it. The best
A2. workouts are cardio and cross-fit training, but proper diet is the key.

Q. @summer0001: @zimbio @_Adam_Rodriguez did it ever get awkward while filming?
A. Only when there was an explosion…of whipped cream.

Q. @chynadall11: @zimbio @_Adam_Rodriguez would you do a part 3 Magic Mike!?#AskAdamRodriguez
A. Absolutely! And I’m hoping there is.

Q. @MissLittleSpunk: What is the biggest blooper you have made during the making of magic mike xxl..?
A. Tito’s hairstyle

Q. @DenishaMJ1: #AskAdamRodriguez Does your character on Magic Mike XL have more screen time?
A. All of the guys have more screen time on #MagicMikeXXL. I mean, it is XXL!

Q. Love your character on The Night Shift and I can’t wait to see you in this!!!! :) Who had the most bloopers when filming?
A. Thanks! Too many to keep track of. None of us could stop laughing the whole time.

Q. @jessenika: @_Adam_Rodriguez @zimbio What was one of the funniest on-set moments you had with Matt Bomer?
A. There’s a scene where he’s using the zoom on his iPhone to find hairs to tweeze on eyebrows.

Q. @313intheLV: @_Adam_Rodriguez @zimbio Have the #MagicMikeXXL actors formed a bond like brothers #bffs maybe?!! Whos the craziest?!
A1. Definitely formed a bond like brothers, it’s why making the movie was so much fun, and it’s why
A2. we’d make as many of these as you guys are willing to watch.

Q. @aryastarxk: @_Adam_Rodriguez are you pro gay marriage?
A1. Short answer…YES. Long answer…I’m pro anyone who loves each other and wants to be
A2. recognized in the eyes of the law as a married couple. #LoveWins

Q. @AGirlAboutStyle: @_Adam_Rodriguez What is your dream movie or TV role?
A1. Don’t have anything specific in mind. I love the element of surprise, but this year has brought
A2. two of the most amazing surprises of my career. #Empire #MagicMikeXXL

Q. @hpgirl2009: #AskAdamRodriguez . What do you like most about your character? How do you think you are similar and different??
A1. Love that Tito feels everything is going to be all good all the time. We’re similar in that way
A2. and different in our choice of hair and clothes. And maybe I’m smarter.

Q. @badgalbea: @_Adam_Rodriguez how was it getting your own star on the walk of fame in miami?
A1. Incredible feeling to be honored by a city I love and the people that have always been so good
A2. to me.

Q. @CaitlynScott16: #AskAdamRodriguez @_Adam_Rodriguez firstly, you rock. Second, what was your favourite scene to film? :) x
A. Probably the scene where you’re first introduced to @jadapsmith

Q. @Wendyleeuw1: What is your favorite dance move in magic mike xxl
A1. My favorite dance move was the kip-up where I’m laying on my back, kick my legs up in the air,
A2. and land on my feet.

Q. @annap905: @_Adam_Rodriguez DO you miss CSI Miami and the guys you worked with? Who in particular?
A. Ten years on the show was a great run, so I don’t miss the show, but I do miss plenty of the cast and crew.

Q. @chynadall11: @zimbio @_Adam_Rodriguez who’s idea was the hair choice!?
A1. Sadly, it was my idea, but I wanted to do something fun and crazy and Tito seemed like the guy
A2. to try it on.

Q. @chele174: @_Adam_Rodriguez @zimbio #AskAdamRodriguez how do you like working with @channingtatum @JoeManganiello @MattBomer
A. Love it! Can’t get enough of it!!

Q. @giubler: @_Adam_Rodriguez favorite memorie from the roswell time? #AskAdamRodriguez
A. The episode we did called “I Married an Alien”.

Q. @PBouck: #AskAdamRodriguez What would Tito say to the ladies/extras who were in the Convention Center for 3 days?
A. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!

Q. @mprest21: #AskAdamRodriguez . Describe @JoeManganiello in 3 words?
A. All around flawless

Q. @BobbyBroad: .@_Adam_Rodriguez what was the greatest lesson you learned throughout your acting career?
A. The best thing I learned my acting career, that also pertains life, is to really listen.

Q. @DeniseNaranjo1: @_Adam_Rodriguez #AskAdamRodriguez any new projects coming up? Oh and I love you by the way!
A1. By the way, I love you too! Coming up I have a little show you might have heard of called
A2. #Empire.

Q. @m_svrna: Do u have a funny thing to say abt David Caruso ? #AskAdamRodriguez
A. Something about David…Believe it or not, he’s a funny guy.

Q. @christeelove1: @_Adam_Rodriguez #AskAdamRodriguez Who was the best dancer in XXL?
A. I’d say it’s a tie between @fluffyguy and a guy you might have heard of…@channingtatum.

Q. @A1MyLove4ever: @_Adam_Rodriguez What do you think of @MattBomer and his singing in #MagicMikeXXL? :)
A1. I think it’s unfair that anyone gets to be that handsome and that good of a singer.
A2. #MagicMikeXXL

Q. @seashell_50: @_Adam_Rodriguez #AskAdamRodriguez If you could use only one word to describe MMXXL, what would it be?
A. F-U-N

Q. @LoverlyLara: How long did it take you to grow ur Tito hairstyle #AskAdamRodriguez
A. That was a solid year plus.

Q. @seashell_50: @_Adam_Rodriguez #AskAdamRodriguez What’s worse – wearing a thong or getting waxed?
A1. Wearing a thong actually. There’s nothing comfortable about a thong. Waxing only took about 45
A2. minutes. I had to be in the thong for hours.

Q. @PezzLatina: @_Adam_Rodriguez sabes algo de español? #curiosidad te amo 🙈😘
A. Todo el mundo

Q. @GetAClueTV: If you were a stripper in real life, what would your stripper name be?
A. David Cop-A-Feel