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“The Player” Second To Last Episode Airs Tonight

The second to last episode of NBC’s “The Player” is going to air tonight, Thursday November 12th. Rumor has it, that Nick Wechsler will be in this episode again.

Nick was introduced as Cassandra’s (Charity Wakefield) boyfriend in the second episode of the show. It seems that due to last minute changes his appearances on the show is much shorter than previously expected. In addition, the Network decided to reduce the episode order to 9 episodes. Even though they did not officialy cancel the show this step inofficial means cancelled.

Please watch live tonight, if you enjoy the Las Vegas set action show with Wesley Snipes, Philip Winchester, Damon Gupton and Charity Wakefield.

In episode eight “Downtown Odds”, Alex must stop the violence between two street gangs after a truck full of drugs and cash is attacked; and Cassandra discusses her priorities with Mr. Johnson.

Jason Behr’s wife KaDee Strickland is guest starring as Special Agent Rose Nolan.

Catch the all-new episode of “The Player” at 10/9c PM:

November 12, 2015 10:00 PM

TWO STREET GANGS GO HEAD TO HEAD FORCING KANE TO INTERVENE – After an attack on a truckload of drugs and cash, the House sends Alex Kane (Philip Winchester) to stop the violence between the gangs. Mr. Johnson (Wesley Snipes) has a conversation with Cassandra (Charity Wakefield) about her priorities. Meanwhile, Agent Rose Nolan (guest star Kadee Strickland) is in hot pursuit of the truth about the House. Damon Gupton stars. Nick Wechsler, Keesha Sharp, Lombardo Boyar, David Castaneda Jr., Anthony Criss, Adam Ryan Rennie, Joe Holt, Paige Hurd and Christopher Heyerdahl guest star.

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