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Emilie de Ravin – Happy Birthday

Happy belated birthday to Emilie de Ravin. The Australian actress turned 34 years old on December 27th, 2015. Fans from around the world created a birthday video with good wishes for the soon-to-be mom. The fan video was put together by Emilie de Ravin BR and is available on YouTube: Happy Birthday, Emilie de Ravin! – 2015

Emilie’s boyfriend Eric Bilitch posted a sweet tweet along with a photo. “Happy birthday to my much better half. You make every day better than the last. I love you!” Emilie was touched by the hard work and love the fans put into this special birthday gift. She wrote “Thank You for all my very sweet & special Birthday wishes. I'm very touched.😊 hope y'all r having a wonderful holiday season! 💕💕💕”

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