“We Want #RoswellBack! @Netflix & @JasonKatims”

With an emotional video Roswell fan Nomi Loveletters announced a new Roswell Twitter Campaign yesterday. Its mission: Raise awareness that new and old fans are interested in the show via tweets addressed to Netflix and Jason Katims.

Prepare your tweets and join the fans of Roswell, who are craving for more.

The campaign starts on April 15, 2016. Please make sure to watch the video below and spread the word. Ensure to add the hashtag #RoswellBack somewhere in your tweets better yet type this verbatim if you want:

“WE WANT #ROSWELLBACK! @Netflix & @JasonKatims

Happy tweeting!



DISCLAIMER: The Roswell TV Series, book series, the characters, and the story, are owned by Jason Katims, Fox Studios, and Melinda Metz. I do not own any part of them. I’m simply borrowing the names of characters for entertainment purposes. No infringements are intended. ‘I’m simply borrowing the characters for entertainment, and not for profit’. I am one of many fans who love the cast, show, writers, crew, and its message wanting more than anything to see it come to life again.
Video clips are from WB, FOX, UPN entertainment.
Music by the EVER TALENTED TWO STEPS FROM HELL-Heart of Courage, composed and written by Thomas J. Bergersen and Nick Phoenix.

Please join the Facebook group Bring Roswell Back, too. NOMI and ZALIMA’DEB are always welcoming new members.

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One thought on ““We Want #RoswellBack! @Netflix & @JasonKatims”

  • April 19, 2016 at 8:22 am

    Love the show, hope you bring it back. I would help but I have absolutely no idea how to do hashtags or what they even are nor do I know anything about tweeting or twitter or whatever its called. I will put your link up though whenever I see a good place for it. I have been playing around with the idea of writing a three part Roswell series that I have been thinking about for a while but I haven’t written because I need to learn about copyright laws. That show was just left with so many unanswered questions and so many directions to go in. If you know how I might be able to write those books without trouble from the owners I sure would appreciate it. Thanks


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