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Interview About, Roswell and B+T

woePlease make sure to read the “Fandom Talk”! on World of Entertainment, which was released on Saturday, July 30th.

I am talking about, Roswell and Baron And Toluca: Fandom Talk: A Conversation with Lena from

It was so much fun to go down Memory Lane and I want to take this opportunity to thank the founders of as well as everyone who was involved, wrote articles, submitted news, worked on campaigns, parties… and all the fans and visitors who made Crashdown what it is. Thanks for your amazing work and dedication.

To all the fans and visitors: Thanks for stopping by! I hope you all enjoy the ride and it’s great to have you all on board in campaigning to make “Baron And Toluca” the new Netflix hit show.

Here are two snippets, but please make sure to read the full conversation here. Thank you David, it was so much fun!

The Reason Why

David: What led you to join and basically run Crashdown?

Lena: When I got the chance to take care of Crashdown, I was very excited to continue keeping the Roswell spirit alive. Roswell introduced me to all these wonderful actors, writers, directors and some amazing artists, whose music was played in the series.

I loved Roswell back when it was on the air and, apparently, it still has a huge place inside my heart. Even to this day, I concentrate much of my efforts behind supporting former Roswell cast and crew’s new projects through managing the website.

There are also many new fans because of streaming services and Crashdown gives new and old fans a place where they can find everything they are looking for. The Roswell fandom is very unique and special, and I made some very good and real friends because of the show and I still love running the website which I am enjoying very much.

On Tabasco, Campaigns & B+T

David: Roswell fans have been known to influence networks in the past, with one example being the Tabasco bottles that were sent to The WB to renew the series. Do you think that same fanbase will be as successful convincing Netflix to stream B+T?

Lena: I am very positive that the same fanbase can make a huge impact again. It’s a plus that many new fans are on board, too. As already mentioned, Crashdown teamed up with the Roswell Back Group (Nomi and Debby) and we joined forces again. “Twitter is the new Tabasco,” said Nomi from Roswell Back once. When fans campaigned for keeping Roswell on the air, we had less platforms to promote it. Now, with social media and YouTube, we can reach many more people.

We have banners, articles and campaign videos…

Fans are asked to please join us every Saturday at 6 PM EST time and tweet the prefilled tweet along with the #NETFLIXforBandT hashtag from the official website. We try to tweet globally at the same time to get the attention of Netflix. Like it says on the B+T website, “The story is written, the pieces in place the rest is up to you…”. B+T has a huge potential and it already has a huge fandom behind it.

Many fans just signed up on Twitter to help to make the hashtag #NETFLIXforBandT go viral.