Brendan FehrLeading ‘Night Shift’ Actor Partners With School Program

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‘Night Shift’ actor partners with school program

Eddie Garcia
August 03, 2016 06:29 PM

Brendan Fehr plays Dr. Drew Alister in NBC’s popular medical drama “The Night Shift”, which is shot at Albuquerque Studios.

However, on his off-time, he enjoys golf — not at some exclusive L.A. golf resort for the elite but here at the beautiful Isleta Eagle Golf Course near Albuquerque, a place he calls home.

“This feels so much more like home than L.A. ever did both to me and my family,” Fehr said.

Now he’s combining his love for golf with his passion for education and helping children.

“I was going to be a math teacher before I ended up doing this whole acting business so kids and education was always a big priority with me,” he said.

Fehr recently jumped on board with the brand new Shine School Partnership headed by Lisa Fuller.


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‘Night Shift’ actor partners with school program