Baron And Toluca

Spread The Roswell and B+T Love In The World-Wide-Web

Social media platforms such as Tumblr or Instagram are a perfect place to spread the Roswell and B+T LOVE on the world-wide-web. Today is #FanArtFriday, so please make sure to support “Baron And Toluca” – the wonderful project of the former Roswell co-stars Majandra Delfino and Brendan Fehr – on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and… Tumblr.

Let’s get more fans on board! With joined forces we can grab Netflix’s attention to pick-up this gem of a TV show. In case you missed it: There’s a great interview up on Huffington Post with Majandra and Brendan!

Promote our B+T Twitter Mission and post your own piece of artwork today or share the amazing work of fellow creative fans (with credit of course). Read more about FanArtFriday which comes along with a little contest on Saturday: FanArtFriday – Show Us Your B+T Fanart

See you on Saturday, when we tweet #NETFLIXforBandT at @Netflix. Join us at 6 PM EST!