Baron And Toluca

Make Valentine’s Day Special

Do you want to make Valentine’s Day special? Show Netflix that you want Baron And Toluca.

We don’t want Flowers. We don’t want Chocolate. All we want is Candy. Candy in form of Baron and Toluca. B+T would be sweet to see on TV. Please check out PHASE 3. Honey + Tea is the key to Netflix’s heart. Join us! We know you love Candy too!

Do you want Baron And Toluca? Here are some ways how you can support PHASE 3. You can send K-Cups via Amazon which is fast and easy, but there are other ways to participate as well!

Watch the promo for Baron And Toluca spread the word, join the campaign and tell NETFLIX that you want this show!

1. Send K-Cups via

2. Send Honey Infused tea bags via

3. You still have honey and tea leftovers at home from PHASE 2? Netflix’s Cindy Holland will surely enjoy them.

4. Print out postcards or send them via or smiliar online services.
Video Tutorial:
Download B+T postcards:

5. Fill out the Netflix suggestion form
Video Tutorial:
Screenshot Tutorial:

6. Share the official B+T promo and get more fans excited!!

Whatever you choose, please spread the word and continue to talk about B+T on social media!

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