Happy Valentine’s Day – Roswell’s Finest Pick-Up Lines

Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us here at and the Granilith! To help you celebrate this Day of Love with your special someone, we’re looking back on some of Season One’s finest ‘pick up lines’. We sure hope they help you have an ‘out of this world’ night! ;)

In the meantime, soak up the love from the Dreamers, the Candy Couple, and the Stargazers, and join us this Friday for our next #RoswellRealTimeRewatch!

Lots of love, my fellow Roswellians! #Roswell

1.) It was you.

Max Evans - Roswell Pilot

2.) When you follow your heart, you leave normal….

Liz & Max
…..what’s so great about normal?

3.) “It’s gonna help me find my home planet.”
Maria & Michael

4.) I have a feeling that under that beautiful exterior is an even more beautiful interior.

Isabel & Alex

5.) No matter what we go through, it’s all worthwhile to me because we’re together.
Max & Liz

6.) You’re my Dreamgirl.

Max Evans

7.) Kissing being purported to provoke these certain insights, I wanted to, you know, offer myself as a… a human subject available for experimentation.
Alex & Isabel

8.) I’m glowing everywhere… my toes, my heart. You can’t see it, it’s on the inside.

Liz & Max

9.) What’s my destiny?

Liz & Max.
I only know the part I’m hoping for.

10.) Whether I die tomorrow or fifty years from now, my destiny is the same; it’s you. I want to be with you. I love you.

Max & Liz.