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A Possible Character Spoiler – Roswell NM

Melinda Metz and Laura J. Burns brought us the “Roswell High” books. The two writers heard that a character from the book, who wasn’t on the Jason Katims version of the show, appears in the pilot of The CW’s re-imagining.

Possible SPOILER ahead!

ROSWELL REBOOT SPOILER ALERT. So we read that Liz’s sister Rosa is in the pilot. Rosa wasn’t in the first draft of the first Roswell High book. But then Laura, who at that point was Melinda’s editor (and total partner in coming up with the story arc for the books), asked her why Liz was so driven, like why did she care so much about being valedictorian. That’s when Melinda added Rosa, Liz’s older sister who died of an overdose. (We have no idea what the Roswell Reboot’s Rosa will be like.) Her death made Liz want to prove to her parents over and over that they didn’t have to worry about her that she would never do anything like Rosa had done. And that’s why she cared about being valedictorian (among other things)

Rumor has it, that we are going to find out very soon if The CW will pick-up the re-imagining of Roswell, which is based on the Roswell High books.

Which characters from the books would you have loved to see in the original show and which new characters that are in the TV show only do you love?