“The Matrix” Reference in Roswell

Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss are set to re-enter “The Matrix”. It was just announced that the two actors will reprise their roles as Neo and Trinity in a fourth film.

Do you remember that there’s a Matrix reference in Roswell’s second season?

“I’m now obsessed with this argument from a 2001 episode of the WB show ROSWELL”, wrote Roswell fan Nik earlier this year after watching “Cry Your Name”. With the news about the new film, it was the perfect moment to share this tweet again. Nik commented:

“With THE MATRIX in the news, I’m going to retweet this very 1999 argument from the WB teen sci-fi drama series Roswell.”

MAX: You are so full of it.
MICHAEL: I just call it like I see it.
MAX: You can’t compare The Matrix with Crouching Tiger.
MICHAEL: Crapping Tiger is a chick flick with kung fu.
MAX: First of all Crap… Crouching Tiger is actually about something: Love, honor, duty.
MICHAEL: Matrix is about something: Illusion, reality, gunfire.
MAX: You simply cannot prefer Keanu Reeves to Michelle Yeoh. You can’t. I won’t let you.