Baron And Toluca

B+T Or Bust

On Saturday, an updated version of the B+T promo has been added to YouTube. Watch it here: B+T

Please make sure to use #BandTorBUST in your requests to Hulu, DUST, Amazon, YouTubeTV, AppleTV+, … on social media and like the video. Also, please share it with your friends a fellow Dans.

We can’t wait for the second promo to be released!

According to Brendan, they have been sitting on a 5 minute 2nd trailer for B+T for month now. “It’s killing me,” he wrote. And he added in another tweet: “It’s much awesomer than the first one. (It really is.) #scifi, a bit of #horror even but… we don’t leave out the banter and funny. It’s ssssssspectuacular.”

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