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Whirlwind Romantics Week

Last year, we welcomed April with some fun Roswell couple posts on Instagram and Twitter. We had the Dreamer, Candy, Stargazer, Lamptrimmer and the Pie Tasters week. With our #MAYbeROSWELL fun month on the way, we painfully jumped over the Whirlwind Romantics week. Thus we catched up and made all those Jesse and Isabel shippers happy this past seven days.

We also got some great new ideas for future Roswell specials while we got so much feedback via direct messages. Keep them coming! We love it to hear from you.

Now it’s your turn. Enjoy all the posts below and please keep on sharing quotes, screenshots, artwork, GIFs, clips and even links to your favorite couple-centric fanfic with us. Let’s relive those moments. Make sure to tag us @crashdowncom so that we can share!