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Shiri Is Sending Love To All The Dreamers Out There

Shiri is sending love to all the Dreamers out there. The “Roswell, New Mexico” episode she directed airs tomorrow on The CW. Jason Behr guest stars.

“This coming Monday the episode of Roswell, New Mexico I directed is airing and the awesome Jason Behr joins the cast,” Shiri wrote on Instagram, along with a photo from set. She added “I can’t wait to share all of our behind the scenes snaps 📸. Sending lots of love to all the Dreamers out there. I hope you’re all staying inside and feeling healthy 👽❤️👽”

She shared a second photo today, which has been taken at The Crashdown Café from The CW’s reimagining. “I’m back at The Crashdown! The episode of Roswell, New Mexico I directed airs Monday night on the CW. Please check it out! You won’t want to miss it!! 👽❤️” she wrote.

Last weeks episode “Good Mother” introduced Jason Behr’s character Tripp. The episode is available on The CW website. Watch a trailer for the new episode “What If God Was One Of Us” on The CW’s YouTube channel: Roswell, New Mexico | Season 2 Episode 4 | What If God Was One Of Us Promo | The CW

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