Throwback To Teen Magazine’s November 2000 Issue

Edited by Tina

Roswell fan Chelle shared the November 2000 cover of Teen Magazine on Twitter. The cover featured Roswell’s Jason Behr, Katherine Heigl and Brendan Fehr in lots of leather. Brendan saw the tweet and shared where he bought the belt he was wearing in that photo shoot: “BTS: I bought that belt buckle in Yuma, Arizona while filming The Forsaken.”

Do you have the magazine in your Roswell collection, as well? The lead article to this magazine cover is titled “Roswell’s superstars – their revealing astrocasts” and features individual photos of Katie, Jason and Brendan with individual articles.

Unfortunately, we don’t have scans in our archives but MyrnaLynne shared the interviews with the cast with Crashdown back in October 2000. A different photo from this photo shoot was featured on the magazine cover of the French magazine “Séries mag” in October 2001, it was a special issue for “Roswell”.

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Teen Magazine – Roswell