A Roswell Random Act of Kindness

On Tuesday, October 6, the fans of Roswell celebrated the 21th Anniversary of the pilot premiere. On this day back in 1999, fans were first introduced to Roswell, New Mexico‘s residents from ‚Up North‘ and their human friends … and everything got very weird. No, in fact everything got very awesome: Roswell fans are a bunch of creative guys, created fundraisers for charities, saved the show twice and life long friendships were formed.

Fans are loyal from the beginning and thanks to streaming platforms new people discover the show as well and discussions never run out. And we think that this will never stop. (Hint: Now, B+T heats up the fandom!)

At the moment, Roswell fan Jessica is doing something creative and kind to the fans of her favorite show.

She decided to create silver pins which she sends to fans as a gift. She had this idea a few months ago when she made a handprint for herself and everyone liked it. No wonder! They are looking wonderful and the silver handprint is iconic. “I said they looked like Max’s healing hand and everything needs some healing right now,” she explains to Times are indeed strange and how great is idea? All Jessica asks is that you do something nice in advance to someone else.

That someone can be a fellow fan or random people, as well. Jessica continues “One person said they picked random people out of baby registries online and bought them gifts. Another said they bought care packages for the elderly but those are the only ones who told me.”

If you are wondering how to get one of these shining pins? It’s super easy: Log into your Instagram and send a message to @theroswell_bookqueen! Please be sure to tell her about your ‘Random Act Of Kindness’ afterwards, tag her and post a picture in your feed or story.

The little handprint pins are made out of lapell pins and nail polish and she has sent out about 50 pins to fans and also to two of Roswell’s cast members Jason Behr and Shiri Appleby. Jessica mails them to fans from all around the world, from Australia to the UK.

Thank you Jessica for this random act of kindness!