B+T – A New Perk Has Been Added

“The Baron + Toluca campaign is off and running. We reached 60% of our goal in the first 48 hours! Incredible! Thank you so much for all the support. If you haven’t checked it out, click below and do so. Be a part of something amazing,” wrote Brendan Fehr on Facebook. The Indiegogo went live on October 9th at 5:30 am PST/8:30 am EST along with the new promo.

He added, “If you have checked it out? You may just want to again as we’ve added a great NEW PERK!!!”

The new perk is listed as “B+T Personalized Video” and makes a great gift for any fan since Majandra and Brendan will record a personalized video for you or a loved one.

You write it, we’ll say it (within reason). There’s a good chance it goes off the rails but that’s the good stuff. A “Happy Birthday”, “Congratulations” or even an “I quit!” to send to your boss. Let us pass on the message. RATED B+T (unless otherwise asked).

Besides this unique message, you will also receive:

  • Exclusive B+T updates
  • Behind-the-scene peeks
  • Top secret code/link to B+T
  • Personalized Videos (30+ sec)

If you don’t have much to spend, but still want to support B+T, Majandra and Brendan have you covered. With $1 or more, YOU’RE DUBBED AN OFFICIAL “DAN”. Plus you’ll receive exclusive backer updates and behind-the-scenes photos and footage throughout the campaign and production. Pick the first perk that says DAN-K YOU.

Visit the crowdfunding campaign here: Indiegogo