Virtual “Revenge” Reunion Event

** UPDATE: Revenge Reunion Date TBD In March **

“Excited to reunite with the cast of “Revenge” February 6th!”, wrote Emily VanCamp on January 14 in an Instagram Story which Nick Wechsler shared on his profile a while after.

Emily Vancamp and Nick Wechsler are joined by Josh Bowman, and Barry Sloane. The digital panel is scheduled for February 6th at 4 PM CST.

Fans can book extra options like a 1-on-1 hangout, autographs, playing video games with Josh or Barry, and personalized videos. (They also make a great gift!)

Portion of the proceeds will go to St. Jude Children’s Hospital .

More information and tickets are available here:


Join the cast of Revenge, the television show, with the Reunion of cast members Emily Vancamp, Josh Bowman, Nick Wechsler, and Barry Sloane!

Play video games with Barry Sloane and Josh Bowman!
Play Co-Op or Free-For-All in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare with Barry!

Play FIFA World Cup with Josh Bowman!

Grab 1-on-1 Virtual Hangouts for 2.5 Minutes with Josh, Nick, or Barry!

Get to chill, one on one with the stars of Revenge! We’ll set the whole thing up at a time that works for both your schedules! Plenty of experience working with fans overseas in many time zones. Book with confidence and we’ll get your time spot all lined up to hang with Josh, Nick, or Barry!

Sweet Autographs available on Metal!

Select either the traditional autograph or a super cool autograph on a metal print featuring your favorite Revenge Star! Have Josh, Emily, Barry, or Nick personalize a message just to you or grab a cool gift for a friend.

Personalized Video Message!

Have Barry, Nick, Josh or Emily record a motivational message, favorite quote from the show, birthday wish for a friend or anything in between! A terrific way to remember the Revengue Reunion forever in a custom way.

One of a Kind, Limited Edition T-Shirts!

Grab a great way to celebrate the gang getting back together by picking a spectacular commorative shirt featuring cool art of your favorite Revenge star on a super-soft Bella+Canvas fashion-t.