Baron And Toluca

Dan Duty: Spreading the B+T Love

Written by Nomi

This is it! We have some more campaigning to do! Our duty as dans is far from over! 

Your task for this week: Please keep spreading the word on the Baron And Toluca Indiegogo campaign, and share the email address with other friends, family, and fellow sci-fi fans to get some limited B+T Merch!

Think about some platforms you haven’t shared on yet.

A lot of us have fandom accounts, ever take the leap of faith, and share this amazing campaign on your personal accounts? Did you talk about this with your friends and family? How about supportive co-workers that love your passion and want to join in on the fun? 

Feel free to use these graphics in your social media posts or let it inspire you to make your own! Spread the word about Indiegogo in multiple tweets, in your Instagram feed, make a Tiktok, create a YoutubeFan Video about it- Do whatever you want! The world is our oyster.

Create some fandom magic and keep pushing and keep going!

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Campaign article with more details: “This is it – The countdown is on!”


Created by Nomi


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