Baron And TolucaBrendan FehrMajandra Delfino

“Shooting #BandT is gonna be harder than I thought.”

Edited by Tina

“She’s refusing to be seen with me in public. Shooting #BandT is gonna be harder than I thought,“ wrote Brendan Fehr jokingly and with a very strict face on Instagram. The photo he shared shows Majandra wearing a black face mask, but having smiling eyes, and him leaving a building.

Brendan Fehr and Majandra Delfino are currently in Los Angeles, where they are scouting for their two first filming days of “Baron And Toluca”.

After finishing filming in Los Angeles, the production will continue in New Mexico. Shooting is scheduled from November 7 to 18th.

Fans made it all happen and you can still show your support by purchasing amazing B+T merchandise from their Indiegogo page, which you can find here:

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