Baron And Toluca

BARON + TOLUCA Double Duo Update

Brendan and Majandra have some news and updates to share… both actors and co-creators of “Baron And Toluca” went live on Instagram for some updates, announcements and clarifications.

They are currently working on the B+T pilot. Everything is going well and they are super excited for Austin. The final touches included e.g. doing some ADR.

A burning question from fans from world-wide was also answered. Fans outside of the U.S. were wondering if they will be able to watch the pilot with the Virtual Pass for the ATX Television Festival.

Brendan gave some info about that right in the beginning at the 1:07 mark of the live video. The pilot and panel should be available internationally to watch with the ATX Television Festival virtual pass.

For all details please visit the official ATX Television Festival website:

According to the website (which has now been updated!!), the B+T pilot episode will be available for only 24 hours. Both the episode and Q&A are available internationally. The pass includes on demand access to selected programming, including the Parenthood reunion. Please check out this page,, for the selected Festival content that you will be able to watch for this 50 $ pass.

Fans who are part of the crowd-funding via Indiegogo will be able to see the pilot at another point. Please check your perk details, if it includes the “top secret code/link to B+T” option!

Majandra and Brendan have some great items in their DAN storage room. So far there is no date or time for another auction, but they got their hands on some rare items every Roswell fan can get excited about. From Roswell shirts, Roswell High Books and Roswell books (the expensive ones), Roswell wrap gifts to the pilot episode of Roswell on VHS, …

Fans from Europe can mark September 10th for a trip to Paris and there might be a New Mexico screening and there will possibly be an East Coast screening.

Watch the IG Live for more updates..