Roswell Must See TV

Just a reminder about upcoming TV events that everyone will want to watch.

Majandra Delfino will be a guest on tonights Politically Incorrect with Bill Moyer. (thanks to Smurfee337 for the reminder)

Sunday, the WB will be airing repeats of the Roswell two-parter (285 South, and River Dog)

The upcoming show schedule is:

Sunday, Jan.09.2000 (5pm) – 285 South Re-run
Sunday, Jan.09.2000 (6pm) – Riverdog Re-run
Wednesday, Jan.12.2000 (9pm) – Leaving Normal Re-run
Wednesday, Jan.19.2000 (9pm) – The Toy House
Wednesday, Jan.26.2000 (9pm) – Into The Woods
Wednesday, Feb.02.2000 (9pm) – The (UFO) Convention
Wednesday, Feb.09.2000 (9pm) – Blind Date

Thanks to Kathleen for sending this in!


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