Roswell Ratings Dec 27 – Jan 2 and Season to Date

Thanks to Mandy for sending these in.

Weekly Ratings

For the week of December 27, 1999 through January 2,2000, Roswell finished
tied for 99th, out of 128 shows, with “Popular” and “Dawson’s Creek” with a
1.8/3 Household rating/share. There were 1,813,000 million households
watching the program and 2,406,000 million viewers over the age of two
tuning in.

Season-To-Date Through January 2, 2000

Roswell is currently ranked 115th out of 168 shows that have aired on
television since September. It presently has a 3.0/5 Household rating/share
with 2,999,000 million average households and 4,112,000 million viewers over
the age of two tuning in each week.


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