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Brendan Interview: Movieline, March 2000

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From: MovieLine, March 2000

“Brendan Fehr definitely has a look: clothes that seem slept in, hair
that appears never to have had contact with a comb. And then there’s
the striking resemblance to David Duchovny. “A lot of people see that,”
he says. “But,” he adds, “I don’t get it in terms of acting style.”
Nevertheless, the resemblance could hardly have been an accident:
Duchovny pursues aliens on “The X-Files”, and Fehr was chosen to play
one on “Roswell”.

The 22-year-old Fehr was plucked from a pool of struggling Canadian
actors by a casting agent barely a year ago to star in “Roswell”.
“Everything’s falling into place and I don’t know what I did to deserve
it,” he declares. “I’m waiting for the guillotine to fall.” For now,
though, his head remains intact- complete with hair that owes its
radical style to Drew Barrymore, circa 1995. “I’d seen her on a
late-night talk show and she had this cute little haircut, kinda spiky.
I wanted a cross between that and Keanu Reeves in “Speed”.” His cool
coif has caught so much attention that he worries, “If I ever go bald I
wonder if I’m gonna be out of a job.”

Fehr makes the leap to the big screen this month, portraying a doomed
airline passenger in the supernatural thriller “Final Destination” (aka
“Flight 180”), which stars Devon Sawa and Ali Larter as teens
investigating psychic phenomena. According to Fehr, it’s sheer
coincidence that his two current projects are supernaturally tinged.
“I’m the guy who says I don’t want to do anything supernatural, but I
thought the script for “Final Destination” was brilliant.” He has no
such confidence in the scripts for “Roswell”: “You’ve got all this teen
stuff coming out and you throw in aliens, which is hardly ever done
well. I thought it was a recipe for disaster.” That, Fehr would be the
first to admit, shows you what he knows about Hollywood. Then again, as
far as Hollywood goes, Fehr walks to his own drummer. “I’ve never been
drunk, never done drugs, and I’m still the big V,” he says. “I believe
sex should wait till marriage.” It that’s the truth, in the world of
Hollywood, it’s definitely out there…- Gary Socol


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