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Julie Benz has played some memorable characters. Like Rose McGowen’s snotty friend Marcy in Jawbreaker, and the girl who made out with Billy Crudup in Inventing the Abbots. Most recently Julie had a recurring role in Roswell, the WB’s show about a group of alien teens. Julie plays the guidance counselor who is really an FBI agent searching for aliens. We gossiped about the cast and found out that Brendan Fehr (Michael) is taller than Jason Behr (Max) and Majandra Delfino (Maria) is far and away the funniest.

React_Host: react.com is proud to present Julie Benz…..
react_julie: Hello!

moonruler_16 asks: How did you start your acting career?
react_julie: I was an ice skater growing up and I had a bad injury when I was 13 years old.
react_julie: My mother didn’t want me sitting around the house so she took me to a modeling agency in Pittsburgh.
react_julie: I started doing some acting work and met my manager, and started going to New york for auditions, and just fell into it.

angelcallaway asks: what was it like being on the “Buffy” set
react_julie: I was on the first season, I did four episodes. Then I went back a year and a half ago and did another episode, and I’m going back in a couple of weeks to shoot an episode of Angel. It was a lot of fun, the cast was really wonderful.

plastik9_1999 asks: Hey Julie, went to high school with you and I just want to congratulate you on your recent success.
react_julie: That’s really nice! Who are you?

fehrwell asks: Were you popular in high school?
react_julie: I like to think so, I was popular in my own mind. No, I was, everyone knew who I was, but I wasn’t the ultimate popular girl. I wanted to be the Jawbreaker girl. I was never cool enough. Or mean enough.

starburst_877 asks: what was your first acting job
react_julie: I did a horror film called Two Evil Eyes, starring Harvey Keitel, directed by an Italian horror film cult director named Dario Argento. I got to work with Harvey Keitel which was great, though at the time I didn’t know who he was and didn’t care. But it was fun. I was the clueless person, all these people were dying and I didn’t know. Big stretch for me!

react_julie:So, in case you were wondering, on Roswell, I played Kathleen Topolosky. The guidance counselor/undercover FBI agent. And know I sound really conceited, but the question was asked to me, it just didn’t post. I had a great time working on Roswell, I hope they bring me back to do more.

moonruler_16 asks: I love Roswell, How do you like being a character on the new hit show?
react_julie: It was great! Every actor’s dream. A lot of fun! I really enjoyed the character and working with the cast. I hope they have me back, I left to do a movie, and I just got back, but there was talk of bringing me back on. Hopefully, it will work out.

fehrwell asks: Who’s the funniest Roswell cast member on the set?
react_julie: Definitely Majandra. I did a movie with her this past summer and she just makes me laugh.

react_julie: That’s a mystery. The writers don’t tell us those things. I don’t even know. I like to think I’m there for the good of the kids, but that might not be true. They didn’t even tell me I was FBI when I started. I found out I was FBI when I got that script.

nuxtxeeg asks: do you believe in aliens?
react_julie: I try not to think of that a lot, but when I do, I do probably believe that there are life forms out there somewhere. I don’t believe there are little green men running around, but I do believe there has to be life on some other planet. But I don’t like to think about!

miristar asks: Was there any one specific interesting thing you experienced while working on Roswell?
react_julie: Just the whole experience of working on a show where they don’t reveal much to you, and trying to put the storyline together without really knowing what’s going on. That was very interesting to me.

PIPER_0000 asks: what is like working with Jason Behr?
react_julie: It was wonderful! He’s very sweet. He has a very sexy quality to him, even in real life. He’s very much like his character, except he’s not an alien. Very friendly, very nice, I can’t say more. I think he’s single too!

katie178_2000 asks: What movie did u do with Majandra (maria)?
react_julie: I did a movie called “I Know What You Screamed Last Summer,” an independent film a spoof of all the teen horror movies. She played the Neve Campbell type of character, and I was more like the Jennifer Love Hewitt character. It also starred Simon Rex and Danny Strong, and Tom Arnold.

shleprock8 asks: What was it like to work with Jack Nicholson?
react_julie: It was great, a dream come true. I didn’t have to work after that, he was my ultimate, he was the one person I would have given anything to work with, and I did. He was great. He didn’t hit on me though, I was a little disappointed.

fehrwell asks: What’s your favorite book?
react_julie: I love The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath, and We The Living by Ayn Rand.

tklr5150 asks: Are you ticklish, and if so where?
react_julie: LOL! Do I have to answer that?

chasseyblue asks: Do you like the show X-files?
react_julie: I think the show is very well done, and very well written, and the acting is excellent on it. But if you don’t follow it, you kind of lose track, and I kind of lost track, because I’ve been working.

plastik9_1999 asks: I saw you on Married with Children, how was that?
react_julie: That was so long ago! It was great, it was my first job in LA, everyone was really nice. David Faustino became really good friends, to this day.

PIPER_0000 asks: who is your mentor and why?
react_julie: My manager, he’s been with me through everything, he took this little girl from Pittsburgh and made her dreams come true, of working as an actress. I don’t think I’d be where I am today if it weren’t for him in my life. Vincent Cirrincione is his name. This will be 12 years that he’s been my manager.

mdlamod asks: Julie, what town are you from?
react_julie: I grew up in a town called Murrysville, PA. A small suburb outside of Pittsburgh.

Angel_eyes_girl16 asks: Do you have any suggestions for an aspiring actress?
react_julie: Study. Learn as much as you can. Study acting, literature or math, it all keys into it. Learn and constantly grow. Don’t let acting become your only world.

plastik9_1999 asks: Do you miss skating?
react_julie: No. LOL! I competed for a very long time, I started when I was about 2 1/2,. It was a very tough childhood. There’s nothing worse than going out to a competition and falling in front of everyone.

PIPER_0000 asks: Do you prefer working on movies or tv series?
react_julie: I prefer working on good material, so whether it’s TV or film it doesn’t really matter. Normally the best material is in film.

hotseygirl14 asks: is David Boreanez really that hot in real life?
react_julie: Even more so!

aberscoob asks: julie is there a show you want to be on?
react_julie: Yeah, I’d love to be on The West Wing. I’d love to work with Rob Lowe. Wouldn’t you?

mbatelaan asks: Is it hard being so beautiful?
react_julie: LOL! I wouldn’t know!

fehrwell asks: Do you go online a lot?
react_julie: Yes I do, all the time. I just surf. I window shop, read magazines on line, send email….

druggee asks: What’s the name of the character you played in Jawbreaker?
react_julie: Marcy. She was fun to play. The clothes were great.

hollie99_99 asks: Who has been your favorite person to act with?
react_julie: Jack Nicholson, was my ultimate. And then Jason Behr, and David Boreanez.

chasseyblue asks: Do you have a fav. Baseball team?
react_julie: Who? What? The Steelers? LOL

bbsba asks: Do you think Roswell will be on next season?
react_julie: Yes. Don’t you?

plastik9_1999 asks: What is your next film about and when can we expect to see it?
react_julie: I have a TV movie on ABC, coming out sometime, starring Shannon Doherty called “Satan’s School For Girls.” I have another movie which I just finished filming called “A Fate Totally Worse Than Death,” starring Monica Keena, Christopher Lloyd and Janet Leigh. That should be coming out in the fall.

NealNYaz asks: hi julie, u are a great role model for us young people, how do u cope with being such a inspiration to people
react_julie: I’m just thrilled that people look up to me that way, but I don’t live my life for that, I live my life through my own standards, and I’m very happy if others view that as a good thing. I’m not curing cancer!

zino_banned asks: julie, is your character’s personality, similar in any way to the off screen julie? if so in what ways?
react_julie: I think she is the closest one to me personality wise. Because she’s very intelligent and caring and she’s just the closest to me in my off camera life that I’ve ever played. Even her energy that she lives with is very close to my daily energy as well. But I can be goofier than her.

fehrwell asks: Do you watch yourself on television?
react_julie: All the time! LOL! I’m very vain! I always want to see if I look fat.

react_julie: It’s a little more fun to play evil characters.

katie178_2000 asks: What is your favorite show to watch on T.V.?
react_julie: Roswell. It’s one of the few well written shows on TV.

NealNYaz asks: What is your favorite band(all-time)
react_julie: I’m a huge Sarah MacLaughlan fan. I haven’t met her but if I did, I would ask her if she could make the “Ice Cream Song” longer. It’s not long enough.

PIPER_0000 asks: what are your biggest pet peeves?
react_julie: People chewing with their mouth open, eating loud, and also when people lack self esteem. It’s really sad to me, those always something to be thankful for in your life.

snowy_squirrel asks: What was your most embaressing moment on the set?
react_julie: In a “Fate Totally Worse Than Death” I had to wear adult diapers in a scene. That was pretty embarrassing. It was the first day of shooting, that was how I was introduced to the crew. It was tough.

jdarbyshire asks: What’s your favorite kind of ice cream?
react_julie: I love Cherry Garcia, from Ben & Jerry’s.

NealNYaz asks: Do u have a fan club that i could or any fan write to
react_julie: No. I will be starting a website soon, I’m working with a web designer now on that.

zino_banned asks: are you a perfectionist? if so how do you deal with your own short comings as you see them?
react_julie: Yes and no. I’m a perfectionist when it comes to my work, but when it comes to my house or anything else, I’m not.

pompell21 asks: what is Kathren Haigl like is she nice
react_julie: Very sweet. I didn’t get to work with her much, but when I did she was wonderful. She’s really tall, and beautiful, and really funny. They put her in platform shoes she was even taller.

katie178_2000 asks: Do you have any pets?
react_julie: Yes, I have two dogs. Both border collies, Elvis & Gracie. And I used to have two horses but we recently sold them.

zino_banned asks: are the majority of your friends in the Hollywood scene? if so does that get old having only famous friends?
react_julie: LOL! I don’t have any famous friends! Most of my friends are from high school and college, I don’t really have Hollywood friends. I like to remove myself from the Hollywood scene.

chantelle35 asks: Do you ever get nervous before performing?
react_julie: I get more nervous when I perform in front of a live audience, when I do a sitcom or a play, than I do in a film or an hour long TV show. I always think I’m going to forget my lines.

pam_18_2000 asks: why did u leave the show?
react_julie: On Roswell I was originally hired just to do two episodes, and they kept expanding the character after that. They’ve been talking about me coming back. I got this movie and I had to go do the movie. We’ll see. I hope!

fehrwell asks: Who’s your favorite actor/actress?
react_julie: I’ve got a few. I love Goldie Hawn and Julia Louis Dreyfus, and Meg Ryan. And actors I love Jack Nicholson, Joseph Fiennes, Geoffrey Rush.

NealNYaz asks: Do go to the movies a lot, what was the last movie u saw
react_julie: Dogma. I loved it. I would love to work with Kevin Smith.

jdarbyshire asks: what is Sarah Michelle Gellar like? Is she nice?
react_julie: I’ve known Sarah for quite a few years, she’s great, the ultimate professional, extremely talented, and a lot of fun to be around. A lot of fun on the set, and very caring too. She can tell you the best places to go shopping, the best places to get whatever you need.

Fizzie11 asks: what movie did you play in where you tried to get people to try makeovers?
react_julie: Jawbreaker.

Blade2112 asks: so do u know who is the 4th alien in Roswell?
react_julie: I had a theory that it was me, but I don’t think it is! LOL! But I did think for a while that I was an alien – I wanted to be so bad! But no, I don’t think it’s me. There definitely is a fourth alien. I don’t think it’s in the current cast, but I really don’t know. And I would just love it if it was me. Love it!

LitAgt asks: What is your favorite activity to do when you are at home?
react_julie: I love playing with my dogs. I can sit for hours and play with them and not get anything done.

chasseyblue asks: Has your voice ever been in a cartoon before?
react_julie: No. Not mine, no. It totally should, I know. My husband does a lot of cartoon voices.

jewels_daisy asks: what is Brendan fehr like?
react_julie: Brendan is a sweetheart and he was the sweetest little dog in the world. It’s rottweiler and she barks and scares herself! Adorable. He spends a lot of time doing his hair.

mercutio2099 asks: where do you like to shop at?
react_julie: Everywhere! The Beverly Center!

react_julie: Thanks for chatting! Tune in and watch, and write letters so I can come back to Roswell. And I’ll be on Angel again in a couple of weeks, too!