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Transcript of Brendan On Steve and Vikki Morning Show

Thanks to Jayme for transcribing this and thanks to Samantha for sending it in.

Transcript of Brendan Fehr on the Steve and Vikki Morning Show (Star 94 –
Atlanta, 9:00am, October 2, 2000) by Jayme Akers (jla0507).

S: On the phone, we have Brendan Fehr (pronounced it fear) of
Roswell, who plays Michael on the show and…welcome to the show, Brendan.
B: Thank you very much.
S: Nice to meet you.
B: Nice to meet you as well.
V: So, I understand you and Max are kinda gonna go at it tonight.
V: Is that true?
B: Mmm…
V: No?
B: Mmm…Yeah, we’re not getting along too well these days.
V: Why? You should be good buds; you should be, you know, a good
support system for one another.
B: Yeah, but you know, I’m a hard-headed character and…
V: Yes, you are
B: Well, you know, we differ on the way we think things should be
handled, so…
S: Yeah, for aliens, you two get a little pissy with each
[Laughter] B: I know, we’re like a bunch of little girls.
S: Yeah.
[Laughter] V: But you have great hair
B: Thanks.
S: Yeah, ET never had hair like that. Hey, you gotta be excited about
the fan base for this show. You know, even here in Atlanta, we got a fax
from a bunch of Roswell people who had a Roswell party her, was it Friday or
Saturday night, Vikki?
V: It was Saturday night; it was huge and yeah, I mean, at first
there was word that Roswell was gonna be canceled and then I guess there was
just this deluge of people saying “no you can’t possible do this”, so you’re
back again.
B: Yeah, yeah…we had a bunch of fans, you know, with their support,
sending in letters and Tabasco Sauce was a big thing and stuff like that.
And, uh, you know, we got half a season, so you know, we will see if we get
picked up for a full one.
V: Are you really big into sci-fi yourself?
B: No, no…
V: Not at all?
B: No, I’m not into anything. I don’t know…I don’t know what my
interests are anymore. I just work and sleep.
V: How did you get into acting?
B: Um…I just, my manager just…my now-manager…just came up to me (I
happened to be in his building) and he asked me if I wanted to be on TV.
S: (Laughs) So you weren’t doing acting; you never thought about it
and some guy just saw you…
V: What were you doing?
B: Yeah, I was enrolled in a university.
S: Going where?
B: The University of Manitoba, up in Canada, doing…I was gonna go
into education
S: Oh, okay, are you Canadian?
B: Yeah.
S: Oh, all right, where you from?
B: Vancouver and Winnipeg.
S: Oh, what a beautiful city Vancouver is.
B: Yeah.
V: That’s pretty incredible.
B: Yeah, so, you know, it’s that whole Cinderella-type story and,
yeah, things are going well.
V: So, are you anything like Michael, you character on Roswell?
B: Uh…not really. You know, I can get a little pissy like him, but
that’s about it.
[Laughter] V: Can you tell us anything else? What’s gonna happen tonight?
B: Umm…there’s, I mean, the whole season picks starts off after the
summer, you know, we all come back or whatever, or, Liz comes back from
vacation and, you know, we’ve kind of all gone our separate ways over the
summer, waiting for things to…you know, hit the fan. And in this episode, I
get framed for murder.
V: (gasp) Oh, no!!
B: And I get put in jail and we gotta kinda cover up.
S: Yeah. But can’t you just beam right outta jail. Isn’t that…wait,
that’s a different show.
V: That’s not his thing, no.
S: You guys can’t beam anywhere.
[Laughter] S: Do you get into the storylines at all, Brendan? Are you kind of
excited to get the next script or…?
B: Yeah, you’re always excited to see what they’re conjuring up next.
This season seems to be going pretty well. It’s gonna be a lot more exciting
than last season in terms of the action and stuff like that so…yeah, you’re
always interested in how they’re developing your character and stuff like
that, so…yeah, it’s always fun. I don’t watch the episodes really.
V: You don’t?
B: No, you know, you spend 120 hours filming t…you’re kind of done. I
fast-forward to all my scenes and watch those and that’s it.
[Laughter] V: But you miss all that great music then.
B: Yes…well, they don’t got any, they don’t got too much heavy metal
in there, so…
[Vikki laughs] S: So, Brendan, do I read you correctly? It kinds sounds like, with
the story that you told of this guy seeing you and saying “Hey , you wanna
be on TV”, are you just kinda riding this out and, you know, if it goes
further from here in acting, you’ll take it, but if it doesn’t you’ll maybe
go back to school or something?
B: Oh, yeah, I could survive, I mean, you know, I’m gonna ride that
as long as possible. You bust your balls and you try and do it right , you
try and do it good, and I would definitely, this would something, you know,
I’d wanna do for the…for as long as I could, but no, if it never worked out,
people thought I sucked and, you know thought I wasn’t cool enough to be on
TV or movies, then, you know, I’d say “Screw you” and go back up to Canada
and go to school.
V: And the love interests on the show, are they gonna be different
this season? The same?
B: Umm…everyone’s kinda got the same person, but the dynamics between
them have changed a little bit. Between Max and Liz and me and Maria. A
couple other wrenches have been thrown in and some other girls come in and
vice versa and stuff like that. And with everything, with us trying to
develop the sci-fi ,that in itself in kind of a distraction to both me and
him. So, the dynamics have changed, but, you know, in terms of who likes who
and all that, it’s kinda remained the same, so you got those
already-existing relationships, but we’re trying to put a new, you know, you
got a little different twist to it.
V: A new twist…
S: So, Brendan, you think you and Max and the guys from Roswell
could take Dawson and his buddies from the Creek?
[Laughter] B: Yeah. I think we’d kick their asses.
S: Yeah. I just wondered.
V: Brendan Fehr with us, who plays Michael on Roswell…tonight the
season premiere at 9:00 on the WB.
S: Take care, man.
B: Thanks a lot, guys. Have a good one.
S: All right. See ya.