Review of “Blind Date”

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Roswell, Blind Date

review: Everyone loves Liz.

February 10, 2000

OK, so don’t get me wrong, I still think Liz is totally adorable, but she better be careful or she’s going to develop Jennifer Love Hewitt Syndrome (ie, every male on my show must be in completely and totally love with me). Since Shiri Appleby is a far superior actress, and since she isn’t listed as an executive producer, I am thinking that the blame for the rampant rash of We Love Liz-ness must be attributed solely to the writers. It’s sort of funny. It’s also sort of sickening.

Anyway, this week, Maria has entered La Liz in a blind date radio contest. She wins, of course, and is promptly set up with some guy who looks like he would fit in perfectly with the Backstreet Riley Commandos on Buffy. Meanwhile, Kyle and Max bond over their shared inability to get over Liz, and Maria joins Alex’s band. Wait a minute, since when does Alex have a band? And since when can Maria sing? And…oh, never mind. Also, there is some incomprehensible sub-plot involving Michael, Isabel and setting things on fire. I suspect that this sub-plot originally had much more to it, and was edited down because the episode was too long.

So, like I said, Liz is just the most popular girl in all of Roswell. When Kyle gets Max drunk (and it only takes one sip, mind you. Wacky alien physiology!), they both go a little nuts, break into Liz’s house and ruin her blind date. This is actually probably a good thing, since the date itself is not that interesting, except that everyone who listens to the radio station follows Liz around like she is some kind of a celebrity. What, Backstreet Liz? Sorry, that nickname is already taken. Anyway, it’s very weird. If Liz and her generic date were, say, Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt, such rabid devotion might make sense. I guess there’s just not a lot to do in Roswell.

As might be predicted, while intoxicated, Max says a lot of great, dreamy things to Liz, and gives her a kiss so passionate, that it conjures up an entire mini-montage of their relationship on the show so far. Magic! Unfortunately, as soon as he’s “sobered up,” he doesn’t remember anything and is back to looking all lost and scared. Max, I think I liked you better when you were drunk.

Actually, the best thing about this episode (and no, I’m not going to say Maria and Alex’s lame “band,” which apparently serves no purpose except to give us a non-alien-related plotline) is the very end. Who was that guy in the trench coat and boots?! This could be totally intriguing…unless, of course, he/she/it is just another rabid admirer of Liz. Which he could very well be, since she’s irresistible to all types of men–human, alien and Backstreet.

— Sarah Kuhn promises to come up with more non-Backstreet-related nicknames.