Review of Dido concert

Thanks to Michael Ray for this :)

Last Sunday, April 29th, I went for the second time to see Dido in concert.
The place, 013 Tilburg (Holland), was totally sold-out. They started with
saying that Dido was suffering from a soare-throat (sp?), but you couldn’t
notice a thing. The concert was great and Dido sung beautiful.

The opening act was a guy named Jade or something, but he wasn’t that good.
I thought that Tom McRea, from the last time, was a whole lot better. Only
the last song he, Jade, did was kinda cool.

Dido did almost all the songs of the album except “Take My Hand”. And she
even did 2(!!!) new songs. “Don’t Leave Home”, which she’s also done at her
other concerts and a very new song “See The Sun”. This song is great and I
can’t wait till she brings out a new album with this song on it. Dido was
really funny during the whole concert. She kept talking that the audience
shouldn’t look surprise, when they heard any strange noices, cuz she’s been
taking a li’l bit too many medicines. Another thing that was cool, was that
she talked a little bit Dutch. It was really cool to hear it. She was kinda
scared that she was swearing or so, but she said “thank you” in dutch.

If Dido’s ever giving a concert in a town near you, I can totally recommend
going. She’s worth it and you’ll have a night to never forget.