Roswell nominated for Saturn Award

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Wednesday March 15 3:15 AM ET
‘Hollow’ Carves Most Saturn Awards Nominations
By Susanne Ault

HOLLYWOOD (Variety) – Scaring away potential rivals, Paramount Pictures’ “Sleepy Hollow” has racked up the most nominations for the 26th annual Saturn Awards, which honor TV and film in the science fiction/horror genre.

Winners, including lifetime achievement recipients Dick Van Dyke and George Harris (designer of film and TV’s Batmobile), will be named at a June ceremony in Century City.

“Sleepy Hollow” scored 11 nominations from the Academy of Science Fiction Fantasy and Horror Films — including top horror picture; best actor, Johnny Depp; actress, Christina Ricci; director, Tim Burton; supporting actor, Christopher Walken; and supporting actress, Miranda Richardson.

The film bested last year’s other high-profile science fiction efforts “Star Wars: Episode I — The Phantom Menace” and “The Matrix”

But those films earned multiple nominations as well — both received nods for best science fiction film; actor, Liam Neeson of “Phantom” and Keanu Reeves of “Matrix”; and direction, George Lucas, and Andy and Larry Wachowski, respectively.

Nominees for best science fiction film also include Sony’s ”The Thirteenth Floor” Fine Line’s “eXistenZ,” DreamWorks’ ”Galaxy Quest” and USA’s “Pitch Black.”

Those in the running for top fantasy film are New Line’s ”Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me,” USA’s “Being John Malkovich,” Universal’s “The Mummy” Sony’s “Stuart Little” and Disney’s “Tarzan” and “Toy Story 2.”

Rounding out the most horrific are Artisan’s “The Blair Witch Project” 20th Century Fox’s “Ravenous,” Disney’s “The Sixth Sense” MGM’s “Stigmata” and Dimension/Miramax’s ”Teaching Mrs. Tingle.”

Over on the TV side, the WB’s shows won more nominations than any other network. Among the 10 total are best TV series for “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” “Angel” and “Roswell.” Other best series nominations went to “Now and Again” (CBS), ”Seven Days” (UPN) and “The X-Files” (Fox).


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